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You can help support our Imagine Scholar students through a one time or monthly donation.
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Imagine Scholar is a 501(c3) non-profit organization (EIN: 27-3014517).
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Imagine Scholar Student Scholarships

Imagine Scholar was founded and built around the support of small scale donations, thus we've created a sustainable model out of necessity. With 40 students at full capacity, the cost per student to attend Imagine Scholar is $1200 USD a year. Our inspiring students need your assistance and willingness to invest in them – the difference makers of the next generation. For $100 a month, or $1200 year, you can provide endless opportunities and experiences for a deserving student and future leader.

What A Scholarship Provides An Imagine Scholar Student >

Class 2-3 times a week for 4 years

Students commit to attending Imagine Scholar 4.5-6 hours a week, including every Saturday for 4 years.
Imagine Scholar is a student centric program that heavily aims to involve student participation every step of the way. Through various learning objectives and units, the talented youth in our program have the opportunity to share ideas, collaborate, and invigorate one another through discussion based classes.  Their access to peer role models and international staff offers our students opportunities to broaden perspectives and thoroughly examine different ideas.

Directed, individual tutoring

We strive to support our students in any way needed, while offering complimentary education to the traditional South African school system.  Thus, we work individually with every student to ensure success in their preparation for their matriculation exams – the only tool utilized for admittance into universities in South Africa.

Leadership development

Imagine Scholar places a huge emphasis on character development and the concept of being civic minded. Students learn foundational skill sets in their first two years, and then implement them within their communities in the following two years.  As students advance in the program, they begin to facilitate and ultimately lead class. Our program pushes students to evaluate what it means to be a part of a community, and what role they can take in bringing about change.

Opportunities to expand cultural capital

Most of our students have never had the opportunity to travel outside of their village, so we attempt to broaden their worldly perspectives through occasional trips.  A few of our past cultural and educational trips have included the observatory in Pretoria, university visits in Johannesburg, camping in Sabie, and direct interaction with wildlife at a local game reserve.

Full coverage of student’s public school fees, uniforms, and supplies

To attend public schools in South Africa, students are required to pay school fees and purchase a mandatory uniform.  The fees can be quite a financial burden for disadvantaged families. If selected for our program, Imagine Scholar ensures that each student’s expenses, textbooks, and school supplies are paid for in full.

Access to a family like support system

When asked what Imagine Scholar is, our students most frequently define it as ‘a family.’ Imagine Scholar offers not only educational experiences, but more importantly we offer a safe space where our students find acceptance, love and support– in all forms.

A network of reinvestment and community commitment

Imagine Scholar’s support for students extends far past Grade 12.  We assist our students with whichever endeavor they aspire to accomplish, and provide an array of opportunities to help them on their way. More importantly, our program fosters a sustainable commitment from all Imagine Scholar alumni.  The ties built through the program remain intact for years to come, and creates a network of dedicated leaders willing to reinvest in the program.  Students make a commitment upon university graduation to help financially sponsora student through the program, and thus directly give back the opportunity they received.  Imagine Scholar’s goal isn’t to just create a succession of successful individuals, but moreover, a network of socially conscious difference makers who can act as the catalyst for true local change.

The Different Scholarship Options >

Ready to invest in the next generation of difference makers? Here are the ways to support a disadvantaged, yet talented youth through Imagine Scholar:

Full Scholarship: $1200 a year

  • Can be paid as a one-time contribution
  • Can be broken up into automatic monthly payments ($100)

Partial Scholarship: Any amount is accepted!

  • Can be paid in full as a one-time contribution to a student’s scholarship fund
  • Can be broken up into automatic monthly payments

Get Started Here:

What Happens Next >

Once you are a part of the Imagine Scholar family, we will treat you as such! Imagine Scholar takes great pride in keeping you apprised to the happenings of our program and the student you are investing in.  Here is an overview of the updates and communication you should expect throughout the year:

  • Quarterly Newsletter with updates regarding our entire program
  • Monthly Updates via your Student and/or a Facilitator
  • Occasional Student Work (writings, poems, projects, etc.)
  • Quarterly postcards from your student

Building a Relationship with Your Student >

We welcome and highly encourage you to correspond with your student as much as you desire.  Our students appreciate getting to know the people who support them, and the ability to connect with someone on the other side of the world! Communication is gladly received electronically or through the mail.